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Monday, August 1, 2011

Tweetea July 26 Recap

Tweetea was focused on social marketing techniques, curating, and comical missteps that can happen when humans administer more than one Twitter account.  Then, lots of socializing - I'll say it again - This is a great group.



Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Warm Summer Days Indoors - #Tweetea A2 Recap 7-19

Well, the consensus is that a twitter-life can emulate real life and be a bit cheeky.  Tweets don't want to be set in the corner with their "I'm a Pro" cap on.  Content Snobs disagree, and that's fine too. 

We also discussed the need for social media for every business size and type.  The unhappy customers are already bashing your establishment, whether you are checking on it or not.  The lookout social media engagement provides is the best way to be able to fix the problem and also to show the world you fixed it.  Can't argue with that.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Au Revoir et Merci

It's been a pleasure working with my team @adevergilio @davecpcsolution on the Liberty at Home project.  I've put together a "final thoughts" document, which I hope will help in the upcoming weeks.

Send Katie the screenshot of the traffic sources so she can make marketing decisions.

Use separate phone numbers for online and newspaper print ads (Thanks, Bud!).  This is the easiest way to know which advertising efforts are producing results - conversions equal a call in.

Use new template as a guide for website and each landing page.  Why?

  1. Clear and concise, follows example of medicare.gov
    1. large buttons and words
    2. blues and greens for calm

     2.    Prominent calls to action, follow best trends of similar businesses
    1. prominent phone numbers
    2. easily navigable links
    3. use lists and succinct wording -  less paragraph styling
    4. coupons are popular and could help bridge price gap on some services
*Some notes on the landing pages:  
    • Each service requires it’s own landing page.  
    • The information landing page (checklist and doctor questions can share a page) needs content to cross sell tangible services.
      • If budget is an issue, double-up the lesser items and separate pages for the imperative sells.
Create and facilitate an email marketing campaign with your current client base.  This will keep your customers engaged with your organization.  
  • Monthly newsletters or digital copy of printed columns
  • Blog or special interest information
  • Success stories, compassion pieces
  • Special offers, new services, etc.
That's  how I see it.  Best of Luck!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Conversation with Non Profit

Our Non profit loves our three personas, and calls them "spot on".  She is excited about our presentations so far, in general, and for the help.

We talked about:
Busy time of year
Other marketing efforts
What sells easily versus which services are a challenge
Our campaigns and progress
Selling points, niches
Nursing services and possible keyword additions

Very good conversation, and emails with more info followed.


LA2M June 15 - Be Excellent Not Good Enough

This meeting was my first LA2M, and the subject was very helpful for my current situation as a student. 

Basically, the speaker explained that yesterday's ingenuity in web design is today's standard, and we have to be better than the expected to convert.  Also, don't sell your product - that's advertising.  Instead sell excellence, the feeling or the benefit to the user, to excel.



Agile / User Experience Notes

This was a great opportunity for a beginner to learn about Agile and User Experience in real-world situations.  The group participated in a really fun game that illustrated the inter workings between departments in a development situation. 

I also met some great new contacts.



Monday, June 13, 2011

New KPI Discovery!

Through learning about personas and the buying stages, I’ve realized that the number of repeat visitors is an important KPI for our lead generation site.  Our persona will look for the information and compare us to our competition.  If she comes back, she may just be ready to convert, which, in our case is calling the NPO.